Picnic Cruiser for hire

Sheer Freedom is a recently rebuilt vessel designed specifically for day hire and low-cost overnight stays.

Designed specifically to seat 10 people and also has a toilet cubicle, hot and cold water and a small galley with twin-burner gas hob and sink. There's cupboard space too.

The sliding roof section allows the summer sun in but also makes Sheer Freedom weather-proof as the Great British summer cannot always be trusted!


Sheer Freedom is our dedicated Picnic Cruiser which offers the following

  • Hot & Cold water
  • Gas Hob
  • Toilet
  • Sliding Roof
  • Cabin Lighting
  • Seats 10
  • USB Charger

Overnight Stays

Sheer Freedom was designed to accommodate up to three people overnight. Through clever use of space, the forward seating converts into a double bed (sleeping across the width of the boat) and the long bench seat behind offers a single bunk. Curtains are easily hung on the windows with press studs and the LED lighting gives you all the illumination you need after dark.

Whilst Sheer Freedom is basic in overnight facilities, it offers the perfect low-cost opportunity for getting a night out on a boat without having to pay the considerably higher rates of a holiday cruiser. Bring your own towels and bedding and you're away!

Please note that you must not attempt to move the boat after sunset; it is illegal, dangerous and you will lose your deposit.
Although designed for 10 people, all boats are weight tested for stability. This craft should have at least 1 child on board if the maximum caoacity is to be realised.

Picnic Cruiser Hire Prices

Picnic Cruiser on Norfolk Broads



  • £50 Cash Security Deposit
Song of Freedom Day Cruiser on Norfolk Broads



  • £50 Cash Security Deposit

Simple Terms and Conditions

We would like to draw your attention to the six key points from our terms and conditions. These are the most relevant points that most hirers will ask about. They are easy to understand and will apply to all bookings. The full terms and conditions are also available as a download.

Security Deposit

Everybody who hires a Freedom boat for the day (or a day boat for multiple days or overnight) is required to pay a £50 cash security deposit. We will hold this deposit during your hire time against any claims that may arise as a result of your hire, late return of the vessel, any damage or returning it unclean. In the event of damage, you will be fully liable for any costs of repair.


All passengers will be fitted with suitable buoyancy aids and instructed how to wear them. Children will be weighed to ensure a good fit. We have lifejackets for dogs too if you would like one. Lifejackets are mandatory and whilst we cannot force you to wear one, you must be advised even the best swimmers can struggle during an unexpected event

Passenger numbers

When booking, you must be clear about the number of passengers. Every boat is weight tested to establish its safe loading; exceed this and the entire vessel and crew is put at risk. Babies, children and dogs must be included in the passenger numbers. Overloading a vessel will result in the boat being seized by the boatyard without any refund of any monies paid.

Pets onboard

You are welcome to bring your dog or dogs on board, they are part of the family after all. However, be aware that we must take the weight of the dog into account. The simplest way we do this is to say that a dog counts as passenger and therefore is included in the total passenger numbers for the vessel. We may make exceptions for very small dogs.

Bookings & Cancellations

Bookings will only be confirmed upon the payment of the full hire cost and will not be held until payment is received. Cancellations are not accepted for day hire bookings. If, due to extreme weather or unavailability of a vessel, we have to cancel a booking, all monies paid will be refunded.

Navigation rules

You will be given guidance on how to pilot the vessel, how to stay safe and the rules of the river. Once you have accepted the vessel, you are fully and solely responsible for it and its crew. All navigation laws must be observed and any charges arising from ignoring these will be served upon the hirer.