Covid 19 - The Coronavirus Lockdown

What it means for your booking.

If you have a booking, please read on

Coronavirus and your boating holiday

Following Government instructions, the boatyard is closed to visitors.
We will not reopen for boat hire or other services until at least 4th July 2020.

Your Broads Holiday

Thank you to all our customers for their understanding during these times.

We will not be collecting holiday balance payments until we have a degree of certainty about when we are permitted to reopen and offer holidays once more.

We really appreciate our customer's flexibility and understanding so far. Without this, the business may not have survived; few people really appreciate how difficult it is to operate a small hire boat fleet.

We would ask that our customers also understand that the business has been without any revenue for a number of months and in order to get started again, we will need outstanding balance payments promptly as we will not be able to pay our workers otherwise.

Social Distancing

When we do open, it seems highly unlikely that groups of people from different households will be able to holiday together initially. This will impact stag and hen parties and groups of friends and, probably, family gatherings too.

We do not know how this will impact your bookings and we appreciate it may be frustrating but we will need your full co-operation. Out of necessity, we will be putting measures in place to prevent subversion of any such rules that may exist as we know there will be people who tempted to suggest that 10 fellas really do live together; we have to protect ourselves and others from infection. Whether you agree or not with the social distancing rules, we will do everything we can to protect your health and ours and if that means refusing boarding, that is what will happen and we will adopt a zero-tollerance approach to bad behaviour. If you are part of a group that may be affected by Social Distancing regulations, you need to discuss options with your group and us long before your arrival date.


Our reception procedures, boat introductions, crew training and any other social interaction will be impacted when we return to any kind of normality. All these things will take their toll on time-frames and limit our ability to achieve the same kind of service and speeds that we would like. We are only just beginning to really think about this impact and methods to work within the rules of social distancing as, perhaps, the light at the end of this tunnel becomes brighter. It is likely that will have to introduce rigid arrival time slots to avoid different groups from mixing and to make car-park shuffling workable. To reduce contact risks, we may have to ask you to park off-site during your holiday.

Reception will have to be quite impersonal and so many other changes that it is really hard to get our heads around right now.

Other Likely Changes

We will be working hard to introduce new cleaning procedures to keep everybody safe and it is likely that these will lengthen our cleaning times too. We will probably ask you to bring your own bedding as this will greatly limit the opportunity for cross-infection.

With government messages being pretty woeful during the relaxation of lockdown restrictions and so many unknowns still existing, we are taking each day as it comes. We aren't planning too much just yet as it seems quite pointless with so many variables. As soon as we get to know anything for definite, we'll let customers know.

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