Covid 19

What it means for your booking.

If you have a booking, please read on

Coronavirus and your boating holiday

Following government instructions, the boatyard is now closed to visitors.
We will not reopen for boat hire or other services until at least 30th April 2020.

Your Broads Holiday

Our booking terms are easy to understand, relatively short and are available for perusal and agreement before you book with us.

As your holiday provider, we are not liable for any decisions you make with regard to taking your booking or not, whatever the cause.

All holidaymakers should take out their own travel insurance.

We need to remain firm on our policies as these are put in place for good reasons. We all have to accept some responsibility; it is not fair or right that one party shoulders it all.

However, we appreciate that these are incredibly challenging times and that there is a great deal of worry. We know because we feel it too; our business relies on cashflow which has suddenly stopped at a time it should be increasing in line with the usual holiday booking patterns; we still need to meet our obligations, pay workers and so on.

We have found it incredibly hard to develop a revised policy that is fair to all parties.

Our compromise position is that for any existing booking that starts before 21st May 2020, postponement of your holiday to another time in 2020 should be possible providing you make it clear you wish to do this no later than five working days before your original start date. We will not charge an admin fee for this but you will be required to pay any additional charge in holiday rates as you would expect in line with your existing contract.

We will not extend this offer to anybody that is withholding balance payments.

For all bookings that start on or after 21st May 2020, there is no current change to the holiday contract.

For anybody deliberately withholding balance payments, we think it is fair and reasonable to claim a breach of contract and cancel bookings with the understanding that we will not pursue customers for balances but equally will not issue any refunds on monies paid.

We are willing to offer some flexibility, but please remember that we are a small business with our own pressures, some of which will be very similar to your own. We thank you for your patience, help and understanding at this tremdously difficult time.

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